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HotShot Legal: free for legal aid, pro bono, a2j orgs!

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This is a guest post by Melissa Moss (@rouncingtigger) of Catalyst Zone (@CatalystZone).

Recently in the ResourcesforLegal SLACK started by Lori Gonzales, I noticed a moderator post that Hotshot (@hotshotlegal) was making its digital learning offerings available for free to law students and faculty. When I reached out to the company to see if they would consider making the same offer of free access to the legal aid, pro bono and A2J communities, I heard back immediately from Co-founder Ian Nelson. It was a resounding yes on Hotshot's part! Here are the details:


Hotshot is now offering free access through August 31 to lawyers at pro bono, A2J, and legal aid organizations.

Hotshot provides digital learning to lawyers and offers over 150 courses that help lawyers develop their legal, tech, and business skills. Their content includes short, engaging videos as well as outlines and interactive quizzes. Topics include accounting & finance for lawyers, civil litigation, commercial provisions, Excel for lawyers, and more. Hotshot’s customers include Am Law 100 and 200 firms, top law schools, and regional and international firms. You can learn more about Hotshot at

How to Register for Access
If your organization is interested in registering for this free access program please email the Hotshot team at
Hotshot has courses that explain
financial concepts, such as how to understand financial statements, where to find company financial information, and what you can learn from a company’s annual report and financials
accounting concepts like depreciation and amortization, present value and future value, and auditing processes
commercial contract provisions—such as arbitration, indemnification, limitation of liability, disclaimer of implied warranties, and force majeure
civil litigation, such as understanding the basics of pleadings, motions, discovery, ethical issues, and other practical aspects of civil litigation

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