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#makelawbetter 👊 action opportunity!

by Cat Moon

The #makelawbetter news blog exists to amplify opportunities for our army of innovators to help. Here is just such an opportunity, shared by fellow #makelawbetter warrior Melissa Moss. 👇

Joseph Schieffer (@josepha2j) of A2JTechStore (@A2JTechStore), Melissa Moss (@RouncingTigger) of CatalystZone (@CatalystZone) and Catherine MacDonagh (@CathMacDonagh) of Legal Lean Sigma Institute (@LegalLeanSigma) began a two-pronged process improvement (PI) project at the end of last year in order to:

1) Use PI to assist three legal aid programs in improving their intake process by year end, and

2) use #1 as a co-design and iterative opportunity to develop a national learning framework over the next 18 months — so that all legal aid programs might improve their capacity for process improvement.

With the pandemic, they need to reimagine and redesign their legal aid-specific, process improvement “learn-by-doing, capacity-building project” for digital delivery. Their vision is to create the best user experience possible without being in the room.

There will be many opportunities to collaborate in big and little ways immediately and later.


Most immediate need:

If you are a current or former legal aid staff member, pro bono attorney, pro bono counsel at a law firm or IOLTA/other funder board or staff member and would be willing to provide a video or audio testimonial or quote about the importance and/or actual benefits of PI to legal aid/clients or your own experience with PI, please email, using the Subject Line: Process Improvement Collaboration

Longer-term needs: In need of collaborators who are willing to “just do it”, then help experiment, iterate and continuously improve over the course of the project and beyond into replication/scaling.

Specific interests: If you teach process improvement, have expertise in process improvement, have served on a PI project team or as a PI consultant and would be willing to be a coach, mentor, member of a remote PI Project team assigned to a legal aid program and/or help develop the learn-by-doing digital “curriculum” by providing video, audio, powerpoint slides, tools, tips or quotes please email, using the Subject Line: Process Improvement Collaboration. 📢 Please indicate your areas of expertise/interest in your email.

General interest: If you have an interest in being part of a #processimprovementforATJ movement or have expertise in process improvement, remote engagement and project delivery, adult learning, culture shifting/change management aspects of process improvement or how technology might be used for something like this please email, using the Subject Line: Process Improvement Collaboration. 📢 Please indicate your areas of interest/expertise in your email.

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