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Michigan's effort to #makecourtsopen: virtual courtrooms statewide

· keeplawopen,makelawbetter

I first shared Michigan's leadership to #keeplawopen and #makelawbetter in this post. And, Chief Justice McCormack (@BridgetMaryMc) and her team continue to lead the way.

Just this morning I had a conversation about the positive impact it could have on judicial demeanor and civility (and probably everyone's demeanor and civility) during court proceedings if broadcast online. As a former litigator, this is where my mind goes first.

More importantly, open access to court proceedings offers a level of transparency and opportunity to obtain information, knowledge, and understanding that simply can't be gained in any other way.

We are living grand, important #makelawbetter experiments in this moment. Maybe we can still only listen to US Supreme Court hearings in 2020 (finally?!). But in Michigan, you can watch your courts in action.

We have the technology to create open, transparent courts. Now, we simply need the will. Thank you, Michigan Supreme Court, for leading the way. 👊