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Raise Your Hand! Meet the #makelawbetter Senate.

This is a guest post by Rachel Amos, CEO + founder of The Senate.

Cat asked legal innovators to step up in response to the challenge posed by Covid-19 to #keeplawopen and for the Senate team it was a no-brainer to do so!

Each Senate is designed to make it easy and a little fun to use Q&A to get the best out of lawyers and other expert folks who want to help. So we put up the #MakeLawBetter Senate.

We just use Q&A and closed questions. Simple right?
Our process is called SenseCheck because that is what it does. Answers are collected as a consensus but it’s a dynamic consensus. You can see the spread and the individuals who contributed. You can add links and tags and editorial to your yes/no/unclear answer (in the case of unclear a comment is mandatory).
If you answer a question, you can change that answer over time (phew), add more links and generally look after it and improve it like you might with a Twitter feed. You can come back to it and add more links and more commentary as things change. Add tags to help people find your answer.
When you answer, you also grade the question – is it simple, complex or very complex? That tells the questioner how much time and effort may be required to get to a conclusion. Key data point for those who have a question.
Lastly, you can share questions (with or without your answers) – share with those you would like to answer it, share with those you think would like to follow it and share share share on social media. Our newest evolution for Community Senates such as #makelawbetter is social sharing. Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and if like me you like to share on Whatsapp, links.

So please join the #MakeLawBetter Senate (it’s a simple two-step process and you only need an email) to share only expertise and common-sense and let’s see if we can #KeepLawOpen and perhaps in the process #MakeLawBetter. That is the #powerofthecrowd.

Thank you!

CEO & Founder - The Senate

P.S. We also have a Covid-19 specific senate with lots of legal Q&A already: for tags with #makelawbetter and lots of other stuff on our website