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Tool No. 1 in the #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 toolkit: it's all about the user

Learn about the #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 Toolkit here. Each week starting July 13, the Project's team of innovators is introducing a new tool for legal professionals to help them help clients in the time of the COVID pandemic and beyond. Together, we will #keeplawopen!

Tool No. 1: using design thinking and legal process to design an effective survey

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The first tool is a guide to designing an effective survey applying design thinking to reimagine legal processes with clients at the center: DOWNLOAD HERE (or click on image, above).

Many thanks to Anna De Stefano and Eleanora Pasini for leading the creative team on the guide!

From the Guide: One of the main goals of legal design and design thinking applied to legal services is to put the client’s perspective at the center of any activity.

We can use these methodologies both for revising and designing process, detecting new needs and designing products, and also understanding organizations and adjusting them to new objectives
and people training.

In the case of the #makelawbetter group, we have used this methodology to design an effective clients’ survey about the changes occurring during and after the covid19 crisis.

The final goal is to understand the new landscape in which the legal professions have to operate and detect the main changes occurred, that therefore are the base for possible innovations.

The results can be interesting for the work of this group to propose effective innovations, and also for lawyers who want to adapt their

And, an example of how to design a survey! Please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts.

As part of this tool, the Project team also has launched THIS SURVEY, using these very design principles, to to understand how new businesses and legal services are developing during the COVID-19 crisis.

The survey will help the Project 30-60-90 team to shape a new framework lawyers will have to take into account if they are to provide the services their clients need. As part of our rollout, we will release our analysis of survey results to give others an idea of the critical issues affecting client service in the midst of the pandemic.

NOTE: We will not collect any personal data and your responses are totally anonymous.

#keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 Team:

Franklin Chou, New York, New York, United States

Zack DeMeola, Denver, Colorado, United States

Anna De Stefano, Milan-Rome, Italy

Horatiu Druma-Strugariu, Toronto, Canada

Jeff Kelly, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Ana Carolina Ramirez Herrera, Bogota, Columbia

Kenny Robertson, Scotland

Shelly Skinner, San Diego, California, United States

Orsolya Szabo, Hungary