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What are courts doing to #keeplawopen and #makelawbetter?

by Cat Moon

Curious about the positive changes courts in the US are making to #keeplawopen during the COVID-19 pandemic? And how these changes may translate into best practices to #makelawbetter long after the pandemic ends?

Then join Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack (@BridgetMaryMc), BJI Director Judge Jeremy Fogel, and me for a webinar on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 12:00 pm PT, hosted by Berkeley Law's Berkeley Judicial Institute (@BklyJudicial).

We'll be talking about the many experiments courts in Michigan are running to #keeplawopen in the pandemic, along with examples from other states. And I hope to contribute ideas on how we capture the good happening in this moment and use it to catapult us forward.

Because in the midst of this great, global challenge, good change is happening. May we not let this good go to waste, and may we learn from each other, and amplify, and use what we learn to scale #makelawbetter long after the pandemic crisis recedes.

And, you should also read Judge Fogel's article (originally appearing in the National Law Journal), Expanding Electronic Access to the Federal Courts: the Pandemic's Unexpected Opportunity. It's instructive for any and all wanting to harvest positive change to #makelawbetter from the pandemic.