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law job resources [dot] com: a new resource for law students

This is a guest post by Joe Regalia, Professor at UNLV Law and co-founder of

Law students and new lawyers face unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID crisis. Many have lost internships, clerkships, and job offers. But if there is something every new lawyer needs, it's experience. I and many others are unwilling to watch another generation of lawyers lose out on years of opportunity (like thousands of lawyers did after the last recession).

It’s not just about folks needing jobs to pay the bills (although that matters, too). It’s about our need for a generation of lawyers empowered to make change. The legal system is ready for it. The public is ready for it. And we need lawyers to do it.

The good news is that, if I’ve seen one silver lining in this pandemic, it’s the outpouring of support and collaboration happening in the legal community. We are lifting up each other higher than ever before. And some have started turning that support towards the law students and new law grads that really need it.

To help make that easier, a team of us have been putting together a simple website at to house resources for folks who need legal experience right now. The goal is to create a one-stop-shop of the best links, guides, and advice. The site itself is an example of the incredible collaboration happening right now: An innovative law firm (Neon Law) immediately volunteered to design and support the site, and the resources are being gathered by a team including myself and Greer Sullivan, a law student at the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV.

The website includes a few core areas.

  • First, a section for resources aimed at honing the skills applicants need to hit the ground running at their legal jobs.
  • Second, a section with resources for preparing job applications and networking.
  • Third, resources for legal job leads, including internships and other positions.
  • Fourth, an area where we are collecting advice from practitioners.

This project can succeed only with the support of others. So please consider sharing links to resources or your advice for folks looking for new opportunities.