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Tool No. 2: A Lawyer’s Remote-Work Toolkit, Part 2

Learn about the #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 toolkit here. Learn about Tool no. 1 here. Learn about Tool no. 2 here.

Anyone who has worked remotely for any significant period of time can attest to the challenges it can sometimes bring. That’s why we’ve made “A Lawyer’s Remote Work Toolkit.” It’s aimed at helping you reap the benefits of remote work, while avoiding its pitfalls.

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In the second part of the Remote Work Toolkit, we share ways to collaborate with clients and others. This includes a discussion about privacy, as well as the pros and cons of certain document creation tools and electronic communication methods.

In later issues of the Toolkit, we’ll talk about making video calls like a pro and how to effectively work on a remote team – stay tuned!

And as always, we welcome your input. If you want to help, join our movement. And, if you need help, just ask.

Franklin Chou, New York, New York, United States

Zack DeMeola, Denver, Colorado, United States

Anna De Stefano, Milan-Rome, Italy

Horatiu Druma-Strugariu, Toronto, Canada

Jeff Kelly, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Ana Carolina Ramirez Herrera, Bogota, Columbia

Kenny Robertson, Scotland

Shelly Skinner, San Diego, California, United States

Orsolya Szabo, Hungary