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#makelawbetter signals from the Legal Evolution channel

by Cat Moon

Since then, he's shared powerful and personal stories from Kenneth Jones, whose wife is an intensive care nurse in NYC. And my friend Anusia Gillespie (@anusiagillespie) and her brother-in-law Geoff Gillespie wrote about using military decision frameworks to navigate and lead action in the crisis. Another post describes how the Penn State Law entrepreneur clinic has expanded its scope to help virus-stricken small businesses in Pennsylvania. And Jae Um (@jaesunum) just shared her personal and powerful story of being "home alone" in NYC during this crisis.

We're grateful to Bill for creating this much-needed channel for sharing stories and information. We need both now more than ever.

And many thanks to Jae for her shout-out to the #makelawbetter effort. We're grateful.

We'll continue to amplify the stories and information shared on Legal Evolution and hope you will tune in to this valuable channel.