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let us lawyer forward

by Cat Moon

My friend and colleague Mike Whelan (@mikewhelanjr) is a quintessential lawyer entrepreneur and committed advocate for innovation to #makelawbetter. I especially appreciate Mike's focus on how we might #makelawbetter for the people doing the work. Which, ends up benefiting clients mightily, too. Mike shared the following with me about his upcoming virtual event. Let us support each other's entrepreneurial #makelawbetter efforts in this time. And certainly, let us lawyer forward.

Lawyer Forward was a practice innovation event in Austin for 5 years; now it's gone virtual. We're talking about the "next thing"—once we get our practices online, how can and should we change our practices?
We'll focus on issues like business model redesign, productizing legal services, managing virtual staff, building on expertise and accessibility, networked knowledge, and more.
It's a "pay what you can" model so feel free to join us with our without a financial contribution. We just want to see you there.

Go to to sign up. Videos will be released on April 16 and 17, with watch parties in the Lawyer Forward Facebook group in the coming weeks. We'll bounce ideas around in the community, so join us.