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#makelawbetter superpower: looking back to learn from mistakes

This is a guest post by Rebecca Chui (@lawdebugged).

We know being a lawyer demands excellence and hard work. While this attitude can deliver results, it can also turn us into hyper-perfectionists — less resilient in the face of stress and unwilling to embrace all the great things that can come from making (and learning from) mistakes.

The truth is, no matter how 'right' we want to be all the time, we are going to be wrong at least some of the time. And when mistakes inevitably happen, research indicates that constructively engaging with your mistakes is a tremendously powerful way to learn.

Legal Lookbacks is a recently-launched space for lawyers around the world to safely and anonymously share their mistakes and “Oops!” moments in a constructive and open way.

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Let’s change the culture of unhelpful perfectionism in the legal industry while cultivating a productive interest in our mistakes, so we can be better to ourselves and be better lawyers too.

Share your stories and learn from others at Legal Lookbacks.

Legal Lookbacks is operated by Rebecca Chui — please feel free to send your thoughts and feedback to @lawdebugged.