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Tool No. 3 in the #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 Toolkit: Learning in a Pandemic

guest post by Franklin Chou, #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 team member

Learn about the #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 Toolkit here. Starting July 13, the Project's team of innovators has introduced new tool for legal professionals to help them help clients in the time of the COVID pandemic and beyond. Tool No. 3 tackles legal professional development in the time of COVID. Together, we will #keeplawopen!

In the Before Times, between work, family, and friends, it was hard enough to squeeze in the required legal continuing education. But at least you could grab a drink with colleagues in an after hours bar association event. Now, with COVID, social distancing and virtual formats abound, and even that luxury is gone!

On the bright side, now more than ever we, as practitioners, have the opportunity to revisit, learn, and branch out into new areas of the law.

That’s why the #keeeplawopen Project 30-60-90 team has created this final toolkit: Thinking Differently About Continuing Legal Education (click to view/download).

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For presenters it has some pointers on how to adapt your expertise to the new online only formats.

For our listeners it covers how to get the most out of a presentation as an audience member.

So be our guest! Go ahead, give that presentation. Or tune in to that new CLE.

Take a look at how legal education can supercharge the (hopefully short) time we are still in quarantine!

#keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 Team:

Franklin Chou, New York, New York, United States

Zack DeMeola, Denver, Colorado, United States

Anna De Stefano, Milan-Rome, Italy

Horatiu Druma-Strugariu, Toronto, Canada

Jeff Kelly, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Ana Carolina Ramirez Herrera, Bogota, Columbia

Kenny Robertson, Scotland

Shelly Skinner, San Diego, California, United States

Orsolya Szabo, Hungary