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meet Rocket Aid, a charitable virtual conference for lawyers

by Cat Moon

Attend Rocket Aid and "[l]earn how to thrive in a remote environment, network with other lawyers, and help out those affected by Coronavirus."

My friend Larry Port (@larryport) and his colleagues at Rocket Matter are hosting a two-day virtual event for lawyers, starting tomorrow, Thursday 4/16 and running through Friday 4/17.

From the event website: Rocket Matter’s highly interactive and fun live conference will feature some of the leading thought leaders in legal technology and business. At Rocket Aid, you can attend all the sessions you want, or you can also spend all day enjoying live, video networking with lawyers from all over the country. The content will cover cutting-edge topics on running an online practice, ways to generate more revenue, and embracing modern tools that will help law firms adapt and thrive in a changing world.

From me: Larry and the folks at Rocket Matter have been supporting 21st-century lawyering with great tools for years and they've assembled a power-house group of people to bring their experience and energy to bear (just check out the Agenda section).

I'm sharing about Rocket Aid here because we all need to amplify all the good being done in the legal world right now, and this is some good. All proceeds benefit these worthy causes:, Feeding America, and United Way's COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund.

And, more importantly, I'm sharing because I know many of us are still in emergency mode due to the corona crisis. As I set out in a Twitter thread earlier today, I recognize that it's hard to think about making change and innovating in your law practice in this moment. Because we are all worried about paying bills and making payroll and doing work in the midst of homeschooling and a million other things that simply surviving this current moment requires.

And, when you feel the pressure lift, even if ever so slightly, I am here to be your cheerleader. To encourage you to carve out the time and space to attend Rocket Aid and other events and look for ways to think beyond this moment and start making contingency plans for your future.

A key element to finding resilience during a crisis? I learned this from my friend Paula Davis-Laack, a former lawyer and resiliency expert: we become more resilient by focusing on (a) the things we can control, and (b) using these to create contingencies for various possible outcomes.

My sense is that in attending Rocket Aid, you'll learn about some things you can control. And perhaps even be empowered to start working on those contingency plans for your future.