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Meet the Guide to Be Happy & Efficient at Home

A human-centered, fact-based, and empowering guide to overcoming #COVID19 as innovators

#makelawbetter innovator and legal designer Marie Potel-Saville has created this helpful (and lovely) guide to be happy and efficient at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Marie shared, "Long story short, I was feeling “slightly” overwhelmed at the beginning of confinement - as an entrepreneur, a mother of 2, a daughter of a 'vulnerable person', and a mere citizen worrying for the world. I began researching the best advice from around the world in a wide variety of areas: sociology, psychology, data science, remote working, but also anxiety management, activities for the kids, 'virtual arts & culture' . . . It made me feel better, so I thought it could help others. I asked the amazing Dominique Ashby, an expert in neuroscience and change management which whom we increasingly collaborate in various projects, to contribute and I found her insights truly helpful." 

We at #makelawbetter dot org are so happy to share Marie's guide with you. Access the guide via Marie's website by going here or by clicking the image below.

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