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Meet the Resources for Legal Slack Team

Part of a series of posts about ways that legal innovators can connect and collaborate on projects to #makelawbetter and #keeplawopen.

The brainchild of Lori Gonzalez (@RayNaCorp), the Resources for Legal team on Slack was spun up quickly to offer resources to anyone in legal who (a) needs help coping with the changes forced by the coronavirus crisis and (b) can provide help to those in need. To join, contact Lori via DM on Twitter or via email at (subject line: Invite me to Slack!).

From Lori via the team's #start_here channel:

The goals of this platform are:

  • Quickly build resources for the legal field.
  • Allow everyone to give assistance, or get assistance, on their terms as they can.
  • Be inclusive to all.
  • Build a community that allows us to connect in many different ways.
  • Curate knowledge and resources.
  • Learn new things quickly.
  • Teach legal professionals effective use of legaltech and beyond from the experts who know it best.

If you are looking for help:

  • First and foremost, take care of you. We are all going to have differing bandwidths at differing times and this community is meant to allow each of us to flow in and out as we can. We also hope you find what you need here. Get social in all the ways Slack let's us be social and connect. And please be patient with our amazing group - this is an entirely volunteer effort and many, many people in this group are giving large amounts of time freely.
  • Check out our channels. Channels are generally "topics" and can be searched and scrolled through. Jump in and if you find you can be helpful, please share. This community is for all of us and we learn best from each other.
  • Don't see a channel or topic? Feel free to post in the #general or #moderators your needs/idea. We will try to help you find the right spot or help you create a brand new one.
  • Invite others who can help or who can be helped by this resource. Share it freely as you see fit - but please no open Slack invites on social media unless in closed groups. This is meant for the legal industry. See #slackbasics for more info on sharing if you don't know how.
  • See some ways to improve how we are using Slack - speak up and let's get this resource utilized to its best use.
  • Be sure to spend some time on settings / notifications so you are not overwhelmed by this tool. You can mute entire channels if you have no interest in them

This is an experiment in creating quickly resources. We are focused on action over perfectionism. The goal is to help you find answers as you ask. So if you need something, please ask. If you have answers, please share. And thank you for joining this amazing community!