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Meet the Justice Tech Download Newsletter

Part a series of posts about ways that legal innovators can connect and collaborate on projects to #makelawbetter and #keeplawopen.

The Justice Tech Download is a weekly newsletter with news, events, and jobs affecting criminal and civil justice technology issues around the world. Edited by Jason Tashea, adjunct law professor at Georgetown Law Center and product manager at Quest for Justice, the newsletter keeps the justice community informed on the latest technology topics and controversies, like the use of facial recognition by police, algorithmic accountability in courts, and how technology can impact the access-to-justice gap.

During the pandemic, the newsletter includes resources from subscribers to increase community and the utility of the publication. If you have resources that you think will help lawyers, justice system admins, law profs, or advocates, to weather this moment, please send them his way to share. You can subscribe or email Jason directly.