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Need help to #keeplawopen?
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by Cat Moon, #makelawbetter provocateur

We've taken the next step to connect legal innovation helpers with those who need the help.

If you seek help in navigating the coronavirus crisis to #keeplawopen, you can complete this intake form on the #makelawbetter website.

Your request will be shared with a growing number of people (currently 193) working across the spectrum of legal innovation and technology. On a first come, first served basis, any of our innovators can select your project and will commit to contacting you via email to explore if they're able to help.

Requests will be shared with the people on this legal innovators list and will not be released or otherwise shared publicly.

Our goal is to connect need with the right resource as quickly as possible. We do this when those who need help tell us they need help. So, please tell us!