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Tool No. 2: A Lawyer’s Remote-Work Toolkit, Part 3

Learn about the #keeplawopen Project 30-60-90 Toolkit here. Learn more about the Lawyer's Remote Toolkit here and here and here.

Working remotely can be great. It can give you more flexibility in time and location, while allowing you to spend less money on commuting and eating out. It can also give you more time to be close to your loved ones.

On the other hand, working remotely can be tough. The flexibility it brings can also make it easy to erase the lines between work and relaxation. Your loved ones can cramp your professional style. And while you can be more productive, that depends entirely on being well prepared.

That’s why we’ve made “A Lawyer’s Remote Work Toolkit.” This toolkit will help you increase productivity while enjoying the extra flexibility…and staying sane! Here, in Part 3 of the Toolkit, we discuss ways to make video calls like a pro.

Click the image below to access Part 3 of the Toolkit or go here to read/download!

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