In phase II of #makelawbetter, hundreds of you joined the movement

    to create a database of legal innovators, and to bring your experience, expertise,

    and energy to navigating the coronavirus crisis.


    The database of #makelawbetter innovators as of April 2021 lives in this spreadsheet.


    As we navigate our way to the other side of the COVID pandemic, it's time for #makelawbetter to evolve.


    Very soon, we'll be sharing about the next phase in our evolution to #makelawbetter through

    innovation to realize justice for all in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.


    In the meantime, you can sign up here for updates, or shoot me a line — see 👇 for Twitter and email.


    And, follow along for #makelawbetter news, where we share about the amazing work of #makelawbetter community members.


    Cat Moon

    #makelawbetter provocateur

    Director of Innovation Design @ Vanderbilt Law

    @inspiredcat | c.moon<at>vanderbilt<dot>edu


    21 April 2021

  • I'm a legal innovator and I want to help 👊

    See the spreadsheet below for a growing list of legal innovators who want to help #makelawbetter, or perhaps simply #keeplawopen.


    What kind of help, you ask?


    First and foremost, help understanding how different and new ways of thinking, often coupled with technology, are CRITICAL to finding and implementing the best solutions to the many challenges all sectors of the legal spectrum currently face.


    Not all leaders in law are well-versed in either innovation or technology. You may need help.


    In a matter of hours, more than 70 legal innovators have signed up to help. People who have been thinking and doing differently

    to leverage technology and #makelawbetter.


    You also can access the initial spreadsheet directly HERE.


    We are the helpers. Ask for our help.

  • news from the front lines of legal innovation

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